With our gas transmission system,
we take responsibility for your future:
bayernets – reliable, sustainable & innovative

We are sustainably securing the future of Germany’s economy with our gas infrastructure, ensuring a gas supply our customers can count on – always.

With our gas transmission system,
we take responsibility for your future:
bayernets – reliable, sustainable & innovative

We are sustainably securing the future of Germany’s economy with our gas infrastructure, ensuring a gas supply our customers can count on – always.


As a critical infrastructure and utility company bayernets operates several management systems in order to meet its responsibility to guarantee a secure, reliable, high-performance and non-discriminatory network operation. In compliance with energy laws and gas-specific regulations this includes Technical Safety Management (TSM), the Information Security Management System (ISMS), Equal-Treatment Management and Compliance Management.

As a transmission system operator, critical infrastructure and a company proving services of public interest, we are part of the German and European gas transmission system. With our gas pipeline network, we guarantee an essential part of the public services for a multitude of towns and municipalities in Southern Bavaria and Tyrol, thereby making a significant contribution to the security of supply. A central element of our responsibility is to operate our grid in a safe, reliable and efficient way and to ensure its non-discriminatory availability for our grid users.


In accordance with legal, technical and internal rules and regulations, we accept this responsibility and welcome inspections by auditing and certification bodies. For us, assuming this responsibility means that we regularly check our processes, train our employees and guarantee an advisory function through corresponding designated officers.


Acting responsibly

We are clearly committed to fulfilling the applicable rules and regard this as an integral element of our corporate culture. We have summarised the most important areas of regulation relevant for our corporate activities in a code of conduct. This code determines our behavioural principles for a safe working environment, the protection of our environment, fair competition, the protection of the assets entrusted to us and protection of data and trade secrets. Our Compliance Management System is managed and further developed by the Legal & Compliance Department. Compliance with the relevant regulations and laws is monitored by the Compliance Officer of bayernets and the Management System undergoes regular audits.

Contact for Compliance

Ms. Kathrin Hartung

Head of Division Legal Affairs & HR

Tel.: +49 (0)89 890572-402 (secretary’s office)


Safe, reliable and high-performance network operation

A central element for the safe, reliable and high-performance operation of our network in accordance with the regulations of the Energy Act and the High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Ordinance is bayernets’ Technical Safety Management (TSM). The Director of Technical Operations makes sure and monitors that both structural and process organisation are compliant with legal stipulations, thereby also ensuring a qualified approach to the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of our gas supply systems. This includes safety and environmental requirements. Our Technical Safety Management has been certified by DVGW and is audited in accordance with gas industry regulations at regular intervals.


Contact TSM

Mr. Erich Koch

Head of Division Contruction & Operation

Tel.: +49 (0)89 890572-301 (secretary’s office)



A further essential element for the safe and secure operation of our grid is the safeguarding of information security. In accordance with regulations set out in the IT Security Act, we maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS) pursuant to the IT Security Catalogue of the Federal Network Agency according to Section 11 (1a) EnWG. The system is based on the requirements of the ISO/IEC standards 27001, 27002 and 27019 and comprises all required IT systems and processes for secure network operation. Implementation was certified by an approved and independent auditing company and is checked in annual review audits. Recertification takes place every three years. The Information Security Officer of bayernets is responsible for continuously monitoring compliance with the regulations on information security.


Contact ISMS

Dr. Alexander Wagner

Information Security Officer

Tel.: +49 (0)89 890572-470




As a regulated company and Independent Transmissionsystem Operator (ITO) certified by the Federal Network Agency in accordance with Sections 10 – 10e of the Energy Act, we offer non-discriminatory transmission services to all network customers. The non-discriminatory performance of our network operation in accordance with our Equal Treatment Programme pursuant to Section 10e of the Energy Act is checked by our Equal Treatment Officer, who submits an annual report to the Federal Network Agency.


Contact Equal-Treatment

Dr. Katharina Schick

Non-Discrimination Officer

Tel.: +49 (0)89 890572-121