With our gas transmission system,
we take responsibility for your future:
bayernets – reliable, sustainable & innovative

We are sustainably securing the future of Germany’s economy with our gas infrastructure, ensuring a gas supply our customers can count on – always.

With our gas transmission system,
we take responsibility for your future:
bayernets – reliable, sustainable & innovative

We are sustainably securing the future of Germany’s economy with our gas infrastructure, ensuring a gas supply our customers can count on – always.


If you have any questions please contact us at market@bayernets.de.

In case you intend to use DZK-capacities point-to-point, you can assign these capacities to special balancing groups without access to the VTP.

During the application for new balancing groups in the THE portal please choose the capacity type “DZK” with the feature “gem. REGENT 2021 Ziff. 3 ff” and “Access to the VTP” “No”.

If you intend to book DZK exit capacity for a final customers, please choose the DZK-type “RLM” during the application for new balancing groups in the THE portal. Please assign the corresponding entry capacity to the same balancing group. For bayernets this is currently only the case for the grid points Schongau and Wacker.

bayernets expects from the supplier of the power plant to send a binding forecast in form of a technical offtake notice (TON) in the format NOMINT. The TON has to be sent to us until 22:00 CEST/CET on the day before delivery and again in case of any changes regarding the offtake of the power plant.

In general, you can supply the power plant via VTP. However, in case of a congestion on the bayernets grid we will inform the supplier of the power plant 4 hours in advance and the supply via VTP will no longer be possible. Subsequently, a supply of the power plant using the predefined entry corresponding to the TON becomes mandatory (please check Appendix 1 of the agreement on the cooperation between operators of gas supply networks in Germany section 9 and section 29b).

In case the entry is not sufficient for the power plant (entry < TON), bayernets can interrupt the remaining interruptible part of the DZK-capacity. If the interrupted part of the DZK-capacity is still used by the power plant, we will regard this as a capacity exceedance. Furthermore, we might assert any claims for damages.

DZK capacity allocation restrictions

According to the regulation REGENT 2021 the use of a low priced DZK-capacity product is possible at bayernets under certain conditions. This only affects the connection between the points Uberackern 2, USP Haidach and Wacker. However, you have to observe the rules of the regulation and take care of the following during the usage of the product:

In case you select a balancing group without access to the VTP („gem. REGENT 2021 Ziff. 3 ff.“), bayernets can already use the Benmarking-tariff according to the price list for the initial invoice. In any case we will check the usage of this capacity afterwards. If the capacity was used for transports to/from the VTP, the capacity will lose its Benchmarking-quality in full and we will charge the regular tariff according to the price list. If the entry and the exit allocations deviate from each other in an hour, we will regard this as transport to/from the VTP. We will check this at least monthly and at the end of the runtime of the capacity. The maximum runtime for the check will be a calendar year.

You can use this product at the grid points USP Haidach and Uberackern 2 or for supply of the final customer Wacker from the entry points Uberackern 2 and USP Haidach at bayernets.

Regrettably, PRISMA cannot check the compliance with all regulations for the application of the benchmarking-tariff e.g. because the nominations of the customer are not yet known during the booking procedure. For this reason, you will always find the higher prices and not the reduced benchmarking-prices on PRISMA. The reduced benchmarking-tariffs will only be applied afterwards by bayernets. Therefore, you will also receive booking confirmations from PRISMA showing the higher prices. The reduced tariffs will only be used later on during the invoicing by bayernets.

In case a capacity tariff is reduced to the benchmarking-price no additional storage discounts (no reduction by 75%) can be applied by bayernets.

However, the runtime-multipliers apply to benchmarking-bookings as well.

You can find the possible DZK connections here: DZK capacity allocation restrictions



Gas transfer within the storage according to REGENT 2021 between discounted and non-discounted storage accounts

The normal way to start a transaction like this is to book a capacity back to the market area plus another capacity back to the storage. Instead of these two bookings you could transfer the gas directy within the storage. The total cost is the price for the tariff you would pay for a discounted booking, for example for entry (25%), plus a non-discounted booking, for example for exit (100%). In sum the total cost is 125% from the standard capacity at the network point.

How does it work?

First find the correct capacity at the storage point on PRISMA with the name "Discounted to Undiscounted“ or  "Undiscounted to Discounted“. If the capacity is booked then all the necesarry information flow starts and we receive a notification from PRISMA which we settle up in the above described way.

Please be aware of the hourly basis: for example if you want to transfer 24.000 kWh you need to book 1.000 kWh/h.

The following graphic shows exemplarly these options for USP Haidach.

All firm capacity products at a specific network point (including DZK) have to be sold-out before in order to activate bookings via overnomination.

Here you get an overview of the current status of each network point regarding over-nomination.


bayernets has a portal that is available for transport customers and offers them – amongst other options – the possibility to change assignments of capacities to balancing groups. In general active transport customers already have the necessary login information. In case you have no login information yet, please contact bayernets (market@bayernets.de).